Warning: Excessive Sneezing May Sprain Your Neck
June 1, 2007, 11:22 pm
Filed under: Ramblings

So I woke up in bed 2 nights ago and found myself in the middle of a sneezing fit. Not that I was sneezing while having an epileptic fit, because that would just be messy, and I don’t suffer from epilepsy, but I was just sneezing a lot. So after one particular sneeze, I started feeling a sharp pain behind my neck, and worried myself back to sleep.

When I woke up in that morning, I had the most wicked neckache in the history of the world. It would hurt if I moved my neck in any direction, which makes checking blindspots – while driving – a real pain in the neck (Ha, geddit?). It’s gotten a bit better since then, but right now, it still hurts a bit.

Who knew you could sprain your neck by sneezing…


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Oh my! that happend to me this morning, i cant move it, it hurts sooo bad! ive been laying on a heating pad all morning, and had to skip work. What did you end up doing for it?

Comment by Samantha

The same thing happened to me this morning. Laying in bed, sneezed a couple of times then boom a sharp pain. The region of pain started by my shoulder blade and traveled to my neck. That’s where the strain is, but all the ligaments and muscles that connect to the neck run through the back i guess……this sucks.

Comment by Fernando

Sorry about the late reply Samantha.
Anyway, I did absolutely nothing. The sprained neck just got better by itself, and the pain was gone after around 2 weeks I think, so it wasn’t really too bad.
@Fernando: I don’t quite remember feeling any pain on my shoulders at all actually.
But good luck with the neck. =)
And if it doesn’t recover within a month, it’s best to seek some medical advice.

Comment by Nicholas

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I’m currently suffering from it right now. I’m so scared to sneeze I’ve been bracing myself all day, I get a shot of pain to my upper limbs and then a lingering stabbing pain in the back of my neck.

Comment by Tj

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